Perez Hilton says London knows how to party

The gay celebrity blogger praised World Pride, Wireless Festival and the city of London as great places to have fun

Perez Hilton says London knows how to party
09 July 2012

Gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has been tweeting his praise of London for its partying spirit during World Pride.

‘The Brits know how to have a fucking good time!!! #Legends,’ the 34-year-old tweeted over the weekend.

‘#London is the best city in the world!!!!,’ he continued. ‘I LOVE the British people! Like sunshine after the rain!’

Perez was covering the Pride London festivities on Saturday (7 July), but also had time to watch the tennis at Wimbledon and meet celebrities including Tulisa and The Saturdays at the Wireless festival in Hyde Park on 6 to 8 July.

Perez hailed the UK capital as ‘My future summer home’, meaning the recent bad weather in the UK hasn’t dampened the gay pride spirits.

Despite controversy over the weekend’s event and the cancellation of the Soho street party, there was still a great turnout. LGBT rights organisation Stonewall tweeted they were joined in the World Pride procession by gay actor Stephen Fry.

According to Pride London’s twitter page, over 25,000 people turned out for the festivities.



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