Performers Dream a Dream of second term for Obama

Les Miserables parody from US President Barack Obama supporters goes viral

Performers Dream a Dream of second term for Obama
17 August 2012

With the US election just months away, a musical video supporting President Barack Obama’s campaign for a second term has strut its stuff on the stage.

Featuring the Broadway talents of the likes of Wicked’s David Burnham, Kim Huber from Sunset Boulevard, Damon Kirsche and Christina Saffran Ashford, as well as a team of stage performers, the performers pull out all the stops to perform the final number from Act I of Les Miserables, One Day More.

Renamed ‘One Term More’ the parody contains some crafty lyric swaps including ‘one term more, a time to celebrate democracy, repeal Republican hypocrisy’, and ‘this man who would unseat Barack’s a bleak choice at the ballot box.’

The video has already received thousands of hits.

Barack Obama has earned himself a huge gay support base after successfully repealing the military restriction ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ last year, allowing gay servicemen and women to serve openly and without fear of dismissal.

Obama also made history this year by becoming the first US president to publicly support gay marriage.



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