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Perry faces tough question from a 14-year-old

Fourteen year old bisexual student questions Gov. Perry

Perry faces tough question from a 14-year-old

A teenager questioned Gov. Rick Perry why he was against open service in the United States military.

Gov. Rick Perry was at a Decorah, Iowa town hall when 14-year-old Rebecka Green asked about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

"I just want to know why you’re so opposed to gays serving openly in the military, why you want to deny them that freedom when they’re fighting and dying for your right to run for president,” the high school student asked as reported by ABC News.

From December 22, 1993 until this past September, DADT was the United State's official policy on gays in the armed forces. Gay sailors and soldiers were not to be discriminated against, but LGBT troops could not openly discuss their orientations.

The Texas governor insisted  DADT worked and President Barack Obama changed the policy only for political reasons.

"I happen to think as a commander in chief of some 20,000 plus people in the military is not good public policy, and this president was forced by his base to change that policy and I don’t think it was good policy, and I don’t think people in the military thought it was good policy.”

Green was not satisfied with Perry's response.

“I’m openly bisexual and I don’t want to be told that if I wanted to serve in the military that I couldn’t, and I just think that policy is completely ridiculous that he thinks that. I just don’t like it,” Green said to reporters. “Him or nobody should be able to tell somebody who they can or can’t love.”

Todd Green, a professor of religion at Luther College, agreed with his daughter.

“For a group of women and men to fight for the freedom to run for president, to gather here peacefully and assemble here peacefully in a place like Decorah, but not for them to have the freedom to be open about who they are but he can be free to be open about who he is, to me it seems to be a major contradiction and very hypocritical,” Todd Green said.

Two weeks ago Perry released a television ad arguing Christians could not openly pray in the United States, adding "there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military."

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