Pet Shop Boys new video features trans rollergirl

The Pet Shop Boys’ new video clip for their new single Winner tells the story of Dirty Diana, a transgender member of London Rollergirls

Pet Shop Boys new video features trans rollergirl
24 July 2012

The Pet Shop Boys’ new video clip for their new single Winner features the story of Dirty Diana, a transgender woman.

Gay British pop duo, The Pet Shop Boys have been making hits since the 1980s. They released the video for their brand new single Winner just in time for the Olympics, which starts in London on Friday (27 July).

The video features the Rollergirls, an all-women roller derby league, and in particular Dirty Diana.

She’s a transgender woman and new team member who is supported by her fellow skaters.

Shaolynn Scarlett, Dirty Diana’s rollergirl wife and mentor says in the video: ‘I want to help her grow into herself a little more while she’s playing roller derby and help her to gain more confidence so she can develop into the women she’s meant to me.’

The story highlights the inclusive message of the song and the Rollergirls, who are an all-women roller derby league that promote charity, teamwork and confidence in women by embracing everyone regardless of body shape, occupations, sexual orientation, race or nationality.

Neil Tennant’s words, ‘in desperation you get inspiration’ capture the essence of the touching story the video has to tell.

Dirty Diana’s story has, at its heart, a message of hope, perseverance, support, and living the moment, suggesting these can bring you closer to yourself to others and make you a winner.

Tennat sings: ‘You’re a winner, I’m a winner, this all happening so fast. You’re a winner, I’m a winner, let’s enjoy it now while it lasts.’

Conservative US gay commentator Andrew Sullivan, said it is ‘one of the very few videos I’ve seen that actually celebrates the life of the transgender person’.

Winner is part of the Pet Shop Boys’ new album, Elysium that is scheduled to be released in September. The single Winner will be officially released in August although it’s available for download on the iTunes store.

Elysium was recorded earlier this year in Los Angeles, and is the first time the duo has recorded an album in the USA.

The album was co-produced with Andrew Dawson who worked with famous stars such as Beyoncé, Drake and Lil Wayne.

What the video here:



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