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Philippine police fine with gay cops

The Philippine National Police says it is open to recruiting gays into its ranks
Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr., chief of the Police Community Relations Group (PCRG)

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is showing a more accepting attitude towards homosexuality by stating it is open to recruiting gays into its ranks.

PNP spokesman Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr. notes the PNP does not discriminate against anyone interested in joining, reported the Philippine Star.

‘As long as there is a law passed by Congress, then we will abide by it,’ said Cruz. He points out the police force will be accepting any group or gender so long as they follow any rules laid out.

However, he has made an exception of cross dresser gays, stressing the PNP will definitely not take them.

Cruz’s comments come after a senator calls on the PNP to scrap its height thresholds, which he says the authorities are willing to accept since the capability of an individual is not measured by his or her height.

The Southeast Asian country does not fire gay officers, but caused heated controversy in 2007 when Samuel Pagdilao, another chief superintendent, said they could be given the ax for ‘swinging their hips or engaging in flamboyant behaviour.’

Ladlad, the country’s LGBT political party, then criticized the PNP for deepening the stereotype of gay men and forcing gay policemen back into the closet, but Pagdilao maintained he had never heard of any Philippine officer being gay.

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