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Phone ad goes gay and viral in China

Taiwanese IT heavyweight Asus’ micro film for its ZenFone has been watched online millions of times in less than a week

Everyone knows how the competitive the Chinese smartphone market is. To stand out from the crowd, Asus from Taiwan apparently thinks a bit of humor won’t hurt.

The 3-minute commercial for the ZenFone first appeared in late April, but it’s from last Monday (12 May) that it has really caught on and appeared on just about every major online forum in Greater China.

The ad starts with a ‘boy-meets-girl’ scene that is way too typical for viewers to expect much out of it.

Egged on by his best friend, the boy gives the girl a poem that he writes and they fall in love within days.

The threesome have some happy outings, but the boy eventually discovers that his friend has stuck up many photos of them on a wardrobe – and the girl has been edited out, without exception.

Shocked at first, the boy ends up looking into the eye of his friend, somewhat romantically. A Korean love song then starts playing and the tagline ‘Delete the dispensable Doe in your life' appears.

Many viewers say they can see the plot twist coming half way through, and so can GSN.

Still, we are curious about the story idea, but Asus has kept mum about it despite repeated requests for a word.

While GSN laud the Taiwanese giant for being LGBTI supportive, phone experts have told SET News that the photo editing function has apparently been exaggerated. Those who say they would love to buy the ZenFone, take note.

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