Photo special: World Pride hits London

See our photo gallery as London calls for LGBT rights around the world with a march through the city center

Photo special: World Pride hits London
07 July 2012

World Pride has caused much controversy in London. But one thing was clear today – LGBT people still care passionately about the rights of their brothers and sisters around the globe.

And so they marched – from children clinging to their parents’ hands to veterans who have been taking part in gay prides in the British capital for 40 years.

As befits one of the world’s greatest multi-cultural cities, they came from every corner of the globe – from Poland to the Philippines – and from every walk of life; from students struggling to get their first job to some of the most powerful business people on the planet.

After the march came a rally in Trafalgar Square and, more popular still, an impromptu street party.

Technically the festival in the LGBT district of Soho had been axed as pride bosses scaled back events after a cash crisis.

But the sheer size of the crowds blocked roads to traffic and created an unofficial street party.

Gay Star News was there with our red Alfa Romeo car to bring some music, and plenty of free gifts, to the celebrations.

It may not have been the World Pride they had been promised but nothing was going to stop the party for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Londoners – and their guests from around the globe.

See our photo gallery here. And keep an eye on GSN on Facebook, we’ll be posting more pictures throughout the week:



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