Photos of Nepal’s Pride March

Gay Star News have got some great photographs of last Friday’s Pride march in Pokhara City, Nepal

Photos of Nepal’s Pride March
07 August 2012 Print This Article

Gay Star News have been sent some great photos of the Gaijatra Pride Festival in Pokhara City, Nepal, where thousands marched for LGBT equality last Friday (3 August).

The photos show grey skies and plenty of umbrellas, but high spirits.

Nepalese LGBT rights activist and organizer of the festival, Sunil Pant, told Gay Star News he was ‘extremely pleased’ with how it went and that it was ‘a lot of fun’.

Many participants paraded in traditional costumes and there was live music and folk dancing.

The mood turned more serious when there was candle lighting in memorial for LGBT loved ones who had passed away in the last year, but the day culminated in a festive boat ride.

There were no problems from the authorities – the police provided security.

Pant he said he won’t do anything differently next year apart from get even more people along.

Watch a slideshow of the photographs here:



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