A picture saying a million words about gay kids

Photo goes viral after President Obama confirms his support to gay marriage

A picture saying a million words about gay kids
21 May 2012

This mystery photo is at least a year old but now its message has gone viral.

It spells out some of the most damaging costs to LGBT youth as a result of homophobia and intolerance.

The photo was reposted in response to President Obama’s appearance on the American daytime chat show The View on 15 May, where he confirmed his support for gay marriage.

One of the young people’s placards reads: ‘I found death threats in my locker.’

While another reveals: ‘I am afraid to hold my boyfriend’s hand.’

American organization The Other 98% who re-posted the image is ‘a grassroots network of concerned people fed up with the status quo in Washington. We seek practical solutions to the many challenges facing America. We stand against the bankers, CEOs and lobbyists who have hijacked our democracy to serve themselves at the expense of everyone else.’

The photo was also featured on internet blog The Nocturnal Philosopher and on the Facebook group The Athena Tree.

The Athena Tree stated: ‘When discussing LGBT rights, it’s important to remember that there is more to that than just marriage equality. There are many rights that the LGBT community are excluded from, things like discrimination protection in employment, rights of inheritance, parental rights, protection in schools.’

The image was circulated widely across the internet, although The Other 98% has confirmed that the image does not originate with them.

Due to the wide spread use of the image we have not been able to locate its origin, although The Athena Tree has stated: ‘We do know that it was [taken] over a year ago.’ Whoever the photographer was, they have certainly made an impact.

Watch President Obama’s appearance on The View here:



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