Pictures mean prizes for Gay Pet Month

GSN team up with Direct Line pet insurance for Gay Pet Month and your cute pictures could win you a prize

Pictures mean prizes for Gay Pet Month
10 October 2012

You’ve kept us coo-ing and ahh-ing all week with your pictures and videos of your cute pets for our Gay Pet Month competition.

We’ve seen a whole selection of photos ranging from friendly felines to dainty adorable dogs which are now in the running for winning that big prize.

And we want you to keep sending them in so that you’re in for a chance too. To encourage you, and because we can’t resist, we’re sharing some of the pictures we’ve been sent so far.

It’s all part of our Gay Pet Month which has seen us team up with Direct Line this month to celebrate our furry little friends and highlight the importance of proper pet insurance.

This month is your chance to show us how much you love your pets, whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight.

Direct Line’s insurance cover not only relieves you of vets fees, but also helps with extra treatment like hydrotherapy or physiotherapy so your pet can recover quickly.

Adam Whiteley, head of Direct Line pet insurance, said: ‘Direct Line is proud to be sponsoring Gay Pet Month. We take the health and wellbeing of pets very seriously, so being involved with celebrations like this is a great way for us to talk to pet owners about the importance of pet insurance. We’ve been insuring dogs and cats for over 15 years, so we’ve got plenty to say!

‘Loads of us at Direct Line pet insurance are pet owners. When we chat about our pets we don’t refer to our dogs and cats as possessions – we talk about our best friends, little ones or “the kids”, so of course we want them to have the same level of healthcare as we do. That’s why we’re so passionate about our pet insurance products.’

You can send your pet pictures, videos and stories to us here.

Look at some of the best we’ve had so far:




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