Playboy founder Hugh Hefner speaks out for gay rights

'This is America and we must protect the rights of all Americans'

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner speaks out for gay rights
21 August 2012

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner claims in a column published today (21 August) that gay rights are ‘under assault’ in the US by conservatives.

Conservatives continue ‘to assault the right of gays, whether by denying them to right to marry or, as in Kansas, by attempting to empower landlords, business owners and employers to discriminate against gays on religious grounds,’ Hefner writes in a Politico piece.

Hefner, 86, also writes that the fight for marriage equality in the US is, in reality, ‘a fight for all of our rights.’

‘Without it, we will turn back the sexual revolution and return to an earlier, puritanical time,’ he predicts. ‘Today, in every instance of sexual rights falling under attack, you’ll find legislation forced into place by people who practice discrimination disguised as religious freedom. Their goal is to dehumanize everyone’s sexuality and reduce us to using sex for the sole purpose of perpetuating our species. To that end, they will criminalize your entire sex life.’



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