Plight of gay Iraqi refugees explored in new play

Inspired by homophobic murders in Iraq, 'Elegy' premieres in UK capital London

Plight of gay Iraqi refugees explored in new play
11 September 2012

A play about the lives of gay Iraqi refugees will premiere in London after a critically acclaimed run in Edinburgh.

Inspired by interviews of gay Iraqi refugees who fled the mass killings in their homeland to Syria, Elegy is described as a ‘poetic love letter’ to the victims of homophobic murders in the troubled Gulf country.

Using images of refugees by photojournalist Bradley Seckler, the play runs from Battersea’s Theatre503 between 9 October and 3 November.

A spokesman for theater company Transport/a summerday said: ‘Told from the viewpoint of one who got away, Elegy is a moving and extraordinary story of love, loss and exile; a journey through a no-man’s land of empty train stations, border crossings and bomb-blasted towns. 

‘Performed on a bed of 700 items of discarded men’s clothing, the play confronts the reality of over 700 homophobic murders at the hands of militia groups in so-called "liberated" Iraq.’



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