Plumber in Norway stabbed workmate ten times over gay jokes

A plumber in Norway has been sentenced to compulsory mental care after he stabbed a workmate that had made gay jokes about him ten times despite a psychologist finding he was not mentally ill at the time of the attack

Plumber in Norway stabbed workmate ten times over gay jokes
18 April 2014

A plumber in Norway will avoid jail time and instead be forced into compulsory mental care after he stabbed a workmate ten times who had made jokes about him saying he was gay.

The unnamed 42-year-old had been working with a younger man on a plumbing job in summer of 2012 when his workmate started to make comments questioning his sexuality.

The younger man told him he had heard rumors that he had a secret gay lover and later in the day refused to follow his instructions on the job saying he did not want to work with ‘a grumpy little gay.’

The older man snapped at that and started beating his younger workmate with a length of plastic piping and then began stabbing him in the head and torso with a knife.

By the time two other plumbers who were working on the job were able to stop him he had stabbed the younger man ten times.

During the trial the 42-year-old plumber claimed he had believed he was using a ruler during the attack rather than a knife but the court dismissed that claim as unlikely.

However the court still found the plumber was in a psychotic state at the time because he had a history of mental illness requiring medication.

This was at odds with the testimony of a court appointed psychiatrist who had testified that the 42-year-old plumber was mentally well at the time of the attack.



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