Police probe ‘idiot’ Nick Griffin’s anti-gay Twitter threats

Far-right British National Party leader Nick Griffin stands by tweets which threaten gay couple who won a discrimination case againt an English B&B

Police probe ‘idiot’ Nick Griffin’s anti-gay Twitter threats
19 October 2012

A gay couple who won a lawsuit against a homophobic B&B has branded British National Party leader Nick Griffin an ‘incoherant idiot’ after he threatened to send a ‘justice’ team to their home.

The far-right Member of the European Parliament tweeted the gay couple’s address and claimed he would bring ‘drama’ to their home after they won a discrimination case against two Christians who refused them a hotel room.

Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 69, who booked by email and paid a deposit, were told by owner Susanne Wilkinson that they could not have a double bedded room when they arrived at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire, southern England in March 2010.

They have now been awarded £3,600 at Reading County Court for ‘injury to feelings’ after Wilkinson and her husband lost the case.

Griffin’s Twitter account was briefly suspended last night and Cambridgeshire Police have now confirmed they are investigating after receiving a number of complaints.

The gay couple hit back at Griffin, telling BBC Breakfast today (19 October) that the fall-out shows how little support the bigoted politician has in the country.

Black said: ‘Certainly the public response to the incident, when it happened two and a half years ago, and again in the last 24 hours, has been overwhelmingly in support of our stand against discrimination so hopefully that will mean the vast majority of the people in the country will just see what an idiot Nick Griffin is and reject his views.

‘We were shocked to hear about it and the more we read about it the more incoherent they seemed.

‘So we don’t really know what Nick Griffin is getting at. He accuses us of being heterophobic which is far from the truth and he has accused us of trying to outlaw Christianity which is not true either.

‘The finding of discrimination protects Christians from being discriminated against as well as people who are gay or different races or different religions.’

Griffin has often been slammed for homophobia and has been convicted previously of inciting racial hatred.

His British National Party is a minority party in the UK but he and another BNP member did manage to secure seats in the European Parliament, where Griffin is among those representing North West England.

Griffin’s Twitter account was back online at the time of writing, but the BNP politician was unapologetic.

This morning (19 October), he tweeted: ‘If you get burgled & police don’t want to know, just tweet something Peter Tatchell can claim to be offended by. Plod will be around in minutes!’



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