Police in Uganda raid gay rights meeting

Ugandan authorities reportedly interrupted a workshop on rights abuses

Police in Uganda raid gay rights meeting
19 June 2012

Ugandan police broke into a gay rights meeting in Kampala on 18 July (Monday).

Authorities reportedly interrupted the workshop and questioned people in attendance who included activists from Canada, Kenya and Rwanda.

According to the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project, the group putting on the workshop, the police reportedly also forced their way into some of the activists’ hotel rooms.

The meeting was intended to boost the local gay community’s abilities to report rights abuses, according to a statement released by the group.

‘This ludicrous and senseless harassment of human rights activists has no basis in law whatsoever and has to stop’, said Michelle Kagari, Amnesty International’s deputy director for Africa.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and last week Catholic bishops in Uganda called for a revival of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which proposes for the execution of gays in the African country.



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