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Polish MP says filmmaker only wants civil partnerships for 'lesbian daughter'

Agnieszka Holland says she will not vote for a party which will not legalize civil partnerships for same-sex couples

Polish MP says filmmaker only wants civil partnerships for 'lesbian daughter'

Acclaimed Polish film director Agnieszka Holland is speaking out against a member of parliament who said she was only concerned about civil partnerships because of her ‘lesbian daughter’.

Before Civic Platform, the leading centre-right political party in Poland, got into power the party leader said they would legalize civil partnerships for same-sex couples.

But when the party became the leading force in government, the party was split and the prime minister backtracked on the promise.

After the u-turn, Holland said she would not ever vote for a party that will not legalize civil partnerships for same-sex couples.

Poland Radio reports that Stefan Niesiolowski, a Civil Platform MP who believes civil partnerships are unconstitutional, slammed Holland, saying: ‘This declaration means something along the lines of "I’m not bothered about Poland, only my lesbian daughter".’

Holland’s gay daughter, Kasia Adamik, is also a well-known Polish filmmaker.

Speaking on Polish radio, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said: ‘I deeply apologise to Mrs Agnieszka Holland for those words, and for what was in my opinion an unacceptable expression used by Stefan Niesiolowski’.

Finally, Holland responded to both on a differant Polish radio station, saying: ‘Mr Niesolowski’s words did not offend me’

‘Rather than the prime minister apologise to me for Mr Niesiolowski, I would prefer that steps were taken to ensure that such situation is not repeated,’ she said.

Tusk has rejected interpretations of the constititution same-sex partnerships are unlawful, saying it is the duty of parliament to provide this for its people.

He finished by saying this was true, ‘regardless of how we might regard the fact of homosexual couples living together’.

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