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Political Animals TV series features gay son of former US President

In preview clip, he arranges anonymous hookups online

Imagine if Bill and Hillary Clinton had a son named Thomas instead of a daughter named Chelsea.

Now imagine that the son was gay - and very hot.

That's essentially the situation in the new USA Network series Political Animals which premieres on Sunday (15 July).

In the six-episode series, Sigourney Weaver plays former First Lady Elaine Barrish is currently serving as the Secretary of State and running for the presidency herself.

Her son, played by Thomas Hammond (played by Sebastian Stan), is young and attractive and meets other men in what appears to be a Grindr-type situation.

In a clip released by USA Network, Thomas Barris greets his hook-up at the door and the guy instantly knows who he is. They immediately begin to kiss and their shirts fly off but the guy just can't get over who he's with.

Thomas could care less.

'Yeah, you've wanted to sleep with me since I was a teenager in The White House. Well, if you shut the hell up, now's your big chance.'

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