Poll: Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has little impact on US Military

Sixty-nine percent say policy change has had no repercussions

Poll: Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has little impact on US Military
12 March 2012

In the five months since the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy officially ended, a majority of those serving in the US military say they have noticed little difference in their lives, according to a poll released on Monday (12 March) by Military Times.

Asked how they were impacted by the repeal of a policy that allows gay and lesbians to service openly, 69 percent of the active duty personnel surveyed said they felt no impact.

The number is higher than last year when a Military Times polled showed that 59 percent of respondents thought there would be no impact once the policy was dismantled.

Also polled were 25 active-duty gay, lesbian or bisexual service members and only one indicted that they had come out since the policy officially ended on Sept. 20, 2o11. The others have decided to remain quiet about their sexual orientation or were already out to people in their unit.

The poll also indicated less actual alarm about sharing housing with openly-gay service members. While 10 percent had said last year they would be more likely to move out of military housing because of the policy change, only 2 percent had actually donce so.

It was back in December 2010 that President Barack Obama signed a bill repealing the 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' act and the US began the transition to an armed forces in which gay soldiers no longer need to conceal their sexual orientation in order to serve or fear being discharged.

At that time, Obama told gay military personnel that they were role models: 'As the first generation to serve openly in our armed forces, you will stand for all those who came before you and you will serve as role models to all who come after.'



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