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Pop star: ‘Song about gay man being “cured” killed my career’

An Italian singer, who believes homosexuality is a something that someone can recover from, refuses to apologize over the song
Giuseppe Povia says his career was flying high until he released a song about 'gay cures' that killed his career.

An Italian pop star has reflected on his career, and realized he releasing a song about a gay man being ‘cured’ was perhaps not his greatest idea.

Back in 2006, Giuseppe Povia was selling hundreds of thousands of records and receiving special awards from the music industry.

But then three years later, he released ‘Luca era gay’ (Luca was gay)’ about a man who was ‘cured’ of his sexuality.

In his most recent blog entry, Povia said he is now finding it difficult to get work because of the ‘homosexual campaign’.

He still refuses to apologize.

‘Apologize for what? For singing a song? A true story?’ asks Povia.

He said he ‘wants to apologize for not realizing we live in a violent media, psychological, artistic and cultural dictatorship.’

‘Wherever I present myself … there’s always prejudice,’ the singer continued.

‘Povia is evil, he’s against gay people and therefore must die.’

‘The only positive thing,’ Povia added, ‘is that the majority of people (90%) are on my side.’

He says this majority ‘are sadly silent’ but ‘silence doesn’t change a thing’.

Povia claims he was told the story by a man, who described himself as an ‘ex-gay’, on a train who shared his life story.

‘He told me that if I wrote a song about his story, one day, many people would tell me, out of dishonesty, or misinformation, or ignorance about the subject, that it was impossible for a gay [person] to change,’ he said.

‘I couldn’t have imagined that that song would be the end of my career.’

The song’s chorus can be translated in English as: ‘Luca was gay and now he’s together with her, Luca speaks from his heart, Luca says I’m another man.’

International media heavily criticized the story, with the Italian LGBTI group Arcigay condemning Povia for promoting homophobia.

‘[The song] is an insult to all gay people fighting homophobia and ignorance in Italy,’ they said.

After the outrage settled down, Povia admitted that he had a gay ‘phase’, but eventually ‘got over it’.

The majority of the mainstream health organizations in the world heavily condemn ‘gay cures’ and consider them to be dangerous. There is also no evidence whatsoever that they work.

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