Pope rallys against gay marriage

Pope Benedict XVI rallys against gay marriage in a speech to US bishops visiting the Vatican City

Pope rallys against gay marriage
11 March 2012

Pope Benedict XVI opposed gay marriage in a speech to US bishops visiting the Vatican City in hopes to rally them against the push for marriage equality in The States.

He asked gathered bishops to urge the importance of traditional marriage while emphasising premarital sex and cohabitation was “gravely sinful” and “damaging to the stability of society.”

However, his most disruptive remark to the global LGBTI struggle for same-sex marriage was that “sexual differences cannot be dismissed as irrelevant to the definition of marriage.”

The Pope also acknowledged that young people in particular may find his point of view “countercultural.”

Tracking feedback from Twitter, it is clear that many users were unsurprised and unhappy with the Popes recent remarks. Many, ranging from young to old, lashed back with Tweets like “sad how someone whom should promote love chooses the opposite” and “Everything I read or hear from this Pope is negative.”

One user went as far to say the Pope’s comments were the reason “Why we must keep church & [sic] state separate.”



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