Pope wants all faiths to unite to fight gay marriage

Pope Benedict XVI will seek an interreligious team to fight against marriage equality, especially in Western countries

Pope wants all faiths to unite to fight gay marriage
22 December 2012

The Pope has unveiled another weapon in his fight to stop same-sex marriage from happening in France, the USA, the UK and other countries across the world.

Pope Benedict XVI has said the ‘traditional family’ must be protected, and stressed all faiths, even non-Christian religions, must come together to stop marriage equality.

In his annual Christmas address to the Vatican bureaucracy, the German leader explained straight marriage needs to be protected because it is ‘the authentic setting in which to hand on the blueprint of human existence’.

Referring to the campaigns to legalize same-sex marriage, he said ‘there is no denying the crisis that threatens [the family] to its foundations – especially in the Western world.’

He said what all religions have in common is an ‘ethical quest’ for fundamental common values, the ‘quest for a right way to live as a human being’.

As part of the speech, the Pope also said gay and trans people were destroying humanity itself, saying they are ‘manipulating their God-given gender to suit their sexual choice’ and destroying the ‘very essence of the human creature’ in the process.

A large amount of the speech was based on a study by the Chief Rabbi of France Gilles Bernheim.

He cited the Jewish leader’s study titled ‘Gay Marriage, Parenthood and Adoption: What we Often Forget To Say’, which states gay couples treat their children as possessions rather than people.

The Pope’s comments echo the Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Pope’s representative in Britain, who urged Christians, Muslims and Jews to come together to fight marriage equality.

Earlier this month, in a comments released for the upcoming World Day of Peace 2013 in January, the Pope said gay people, like abortion or euthanasia, was a threat to justice and world peace.

After the ‘peace’ message was released, gay activists were banned from holding a small peaceful protest within St Peter’s Square.



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