Popular gay-themed web series EastSiders turns to Kickstarter to fund second season

Series stars As the World Turns alum Van Hansis and Mad Men cast member Kit Williamson  as gay couple in LA struggling with infidelity

Popular gay-themed web series EastSiders turns to Kickstarter to fund second season
16 April 2014

The popular web series EastSiders is gearing up for production of a second season and producers have turned to  Kickstarter to raise the #125,000 needed to make it.

In less than two days, more than $15,000 has been raised with 33 more days to go.

The creative force behind the show as well as one of the leading men is Kit Williamson who is best known for his recurring role as Ed Gifford on Mad Men.

‘I’m so excited to take the show back where it started: in the fans’ hands, on Kickstarter,’ Williamson said in statement.

‘This is a very unique moment in time where audiences have the power to say what kind of stories they want to see told,’ he adds. ‘We’ve been so lucky to have found an amazing community of viewers that have been with us from day one, and continues to grow every day … I am so excited to continue telling this story.’

Williamson stars in the series with Van Hansis who earned three Daytime Emmy nominations for his portrayal of gay teen Luke Snyder on the CBS soap As the World Turns which is now off the air.

They play a couple living in LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood whose relationship is rocked by mutual infidelity.

Also reprising their roles from season one are Constance Wu, Matthew McKelligon, Sean Maher, Traci Lords, Stephen Guarino, Brea Grant, and John Halbach.

Others who will be in season two are Satya Bhabha, Adam Bucci, Vera Miao and Willam Belli.

Since the series premiered online, the series went on to make its cable broadcast debut as a feature film on LogoTV and securing DVD and International Video On Demand and secured distribution from Wolfe Video wins at both the Indie Series Awards and LA Web Fest.

The second season will begin production this summer.



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