Portsmouth police hunt for suspect in gay robbery

After a robbery that targeted a gay man in Portsmouth UK, police ask for help in identifying the suspect and warn others may be at risk

Portsmouth police hunt for suspect in gay robbery
08 June 2012

Portsmouth Police have issue a warning and a photofit of a man wanted in connection with a robbery in Portsmouth, UK, on 20 May.

A 61-year-old man was picked up by the offender in a blue vehicle in Marine Court at 8:30pm. The two men spend the next hour driving around various car parks in Southsea. When they reached the Ferry Road car park, the driver produced a knife and demanded the victim hand over all his money. The driver told him to get out then sped away.

PC Steve Bourne said: ‘The victim in this case got into the vehicle believing the driver was interested in sexual activity. Thankfully, he was not injured, but he has been left very shaken by what’s happened and had a considerable amount of money stolen.

‘I’m appealing for anyone who recognises the suspect either from his description or from the e-fit to come forward. It might be that he’s done this to someone else or been spotted driving around the Portsmouth area.’

The suspect is described as a white man of large build, around 40 years old. He has a bald or shaven head, a fair complexion and was wearing a white t-shirt and blue or black tracksuit bottoms.

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Bourne at Fratton police station on 101 (in the UK) or the anonymous Crimestoppers charity on +44 (0)800 555 111.

PC Mike Barton, the lesbian and gay liaison officer assigned to the investigation,
said: ‘If you’ve been the victim of a similar incident we want to hear from
you. We’re not here to make moral judgements about the circumstances but to
investigate the offence.

‘It’s important we know about such crimes because these sorts of offenders will often prey on vulnerable people who meet strangers for sex thinking it’s unlikely they’ll speak to the police.

‘If you do meet strangers for sexual activity, think about the ways you can minimise the risks to your personal safety. For example, don’t carry large amounts of cash, avoid isolated areas and don’t get into a stranger’s car.’



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