Pout puckers up for gay film festival

London LGBT film festival will showcase six gay films in the capital

Pout puckers up for gay film festival
15 June 2012

Queer film festival Pout is back, and ready to show London the best gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans films on offer.

The eclectic selection of six films will take place in the British capital over 21 -23 June, and in its fourth annual year will feature the UK premiere of Romeos.

Directed by Sabine Bernadi, it tells a story of young star cross’d lovers but also includes a mystery surrounding one of the boys.

Simon Savory of Peccadillo Pictures told Gay Star News it was so good he ‘could not bear to spoil the film’.

He also promised Bumblefuck, USA, a lesbian love film would be also one to watch. The plot tells of mysterious girl arriving into town with a backpack, her video camera, and intentions to make a film about what it must be like to be gay in Small Town USA.

The film is unique because it is a mixture of documentary and fictional footage, captured from when the director was out filming in North America. The actresses, Cat Smits and Heidi Sallows, will be in attendance at the screening and available for a Q&A.

Other films include Bashment, a film about aspiring gay rappers, East London polysexual romantic comedy Stud Life, Arab-American triptych Three Veils and Circumstance, about Iranian youth culture.

You can buy tickets to the Pout Film Festival here.

Check out the trailer to Bumblefuck, USA here:



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