Pride House cancelled due to lack of funding

Organizers of 18-day London gay pride festival say they are exploring 'other options' after cancelling event in Clapham Common

Pride House cancelled due to lack of funding
24 April 2012

A gay pride event planned to coincide with the Olympics in London has been cancelled due to 'a lack of sponsorship and headline entertainment'.

The 18-day Pride House festival was originally planned to be held in the UK capital's Clapham Common park from 26 July to 12 August.

However, in an email leaked to the Streatham Guardian, Pride House director Chad Molleken revealed the event was 'commercially unviable.'

'A combination of the lack of sponsorship and headline entertainment has proven to make the event commercially unviable,' he wrote.

'It was not without considerable effort that we tried to make this happen.'

Organizers of Pride House, which lists Stephen Fry and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell among its patrons, say they are now exploring 'other options' and are rumored to be considering holding the event at the Roundhouse in north London's trendy Camden area.

In an official statement, Molleken said: 'It is with huge disappointment that due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to withdraw the license application for the Pride House Festival on Clapham Common.

'We would like to thank Lambeth Council, local businesses and the residents who have continued to support the project.

'We are currently exploring other options to ensure that Pride House is featured among the line-up of proposed Olympic Houses in London this summer.'

In January, residents objected to the festival being held in Clapham, fearing it would bring 'undesirable' gays to the area.

The Friends of Clapham Common group claimed Pride House would become 'a magnet for undesirable elements of that [LGBT] community.'



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