Priest becomes politician to ‘destroy’ gay culture in Europe

Romania priest, with a fortune of over $2 million, had help from the Orthodox Church to get the 100,000 necessary signatures needed to become a Member of European Parliament candidate

Priest becomes politician to ‘destroy’ gay culture in Europe
17 April 2014

A priest is becoming a politician in order to ‘destroy’ gay culture in Europe.

Iulian Capsali, a Romanian Orthodox priest, has gathered over 120,000 signatures to be registered as an independent candidate for the European elections.

A former lawyer in the US, he wishes to become a Member of European Parliament (MEP) to represent ‘traditional family values’.

The ‘homosexual ideology’ is leading to the destruction of the family at global level, Capsali told local Romanian press.

‘They want to be given some rights at the expense of our rights, of the Christian families’ rights,’ he said.

‘The famous Lunacek report [Ulrike Lunacek is an Austrian Green MEP, author of the LGBT Roadmap report] says that a child at birth doesn’t have a clear identity.

‘That it is something fluid. And that family, culture, the environment gives the child its sexuality, which is a fallacy. They say boys should be wearing skirts.’

Capsali claims the European Parliament has become overrun by the ‘homosexual ideology, naming socialists, neo-Marxists and the Greens as the main detractors.

The priest admitted the Orthodox Church has helped gathering the necessary signatures needed for his registration as an independent candidate.

He claims to also be the richest Romanian MEP candidate with a personal fortune of €1.6 million ($2.2 million).

In Romania, social attitudes to homosexuality are very conservative – especially among religious groups.

A survey found in 2012 that over half of Romanian people, 53%, would prefer homosexuality to be illegal.



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