Priest says Jesus ‘probably gay’

Lesbian reverend Sharon Ferguson says some gay Christians will be 'disgusted' at suggestion that Jesus was homosexual

Priest says Jesus ‘probably gay’
20 April 2012

An Anglican priest told worshippers that Jesus was probably gay and John the Baptist may have been his lover.

Paul Oestreicher, chaplain at the University of Sussex, England, preached on Good Friday that he believes Christ was 'most likely' gay.

Referencing Jesus's 'special' relationship with apostle John the Baptist, the former canon Emeritus of Coventry Cathedral wrote in the Guardian: 'The homosexual option simply seems the most likely.

'The intimate relationship with the beloved disciple points in that direction. It would be so interpreted in any person today.'

Oestreicher said he felt the need to raise the subject because of how the issues of gender and sexuality are currently dividing the Christian church and says it was 'an act of penitence for the suffering and persecution of homosexual people that still persists in many parts of the church.'

He added that Jesus's sexuality is 'immaterial' and the church would have more followers if it 'embraced' and 'loved' its gay disciples.

However, Sharon Ferguson from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement criticized Oestreicher, saying his views only aggravate conservative Christians more and makes the situation worse.

‘It winds up totally those people who have issues around sexuality and it’s not actually achieving anything,’ she told Gay Star News.

‘There will also be gay people who will be absolutely disgusted at that insinuation because a lot of people don’t even want to think of Christ in terms of sexuality.’

She added: ‘We don’t have any evidence of Jesus having any sexual relationship with anyone. It’s all supposition.’



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