Pro-Ellen site more than doubles One Million Moms

New Facebook page quickly surpasses 100,000 members and still growing

Pro-Ellen site more than doubles One Million Moms
10 February 2012

Ellen DeGeneres is finding out just how popular she is.

After the anti-gay group called for J.C. Penney to fire the television personality because she is a lesbian, public support for DeGeneres has soared.

DeGeneres pointed out on her daytime talk show this week that One Million Moms actually has a membership of about 40,000.

'They're rounding to the nearest million, and I get that,' she joked.

The new Facebook page, '1 Million People who support Ellen for J.C. Penney,' has quickly doubled that as it surpassed 100,000 followers just before noon PST on Friday (10 February).

Membership had more than doubled in the previous 12 hours.

'Literally several people liking per second… no one else has that approval rating!' wrote follower Rob Wendel.

Another supporter, Caitlyn Hoppe, wrote: 'Seeing this page double in a matter of hours brought tears to my eyes. Some faith in humanity has been restored today. Thank you JCP and Ellen!

Several supporters wrote that they would be going out of their way to shop at J.C. Penney because the retail chain has stood by its decision to hire DeGeneres.

'I know where I'm going for some new jeans!' wrote Kenny Pick. 'Well handled Ellen & JC Penny! Don't let the bigots win!'

Wrote Lisa Taggart Altman: 'Now we MUST put our money where our posts are! It's one thing to talk but another to SHOP! I'll post my receipts here after our weekend shopping trip to J.C.Penney this weekend. How many others will do the same?'

On her talk show Wednesday, DeGeneres thanked J.C. Penney and the public for its support.



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