Pro-gay marriage ad airs in US during Olympic ceremony

Republican Cheryl Pflug speaks out about why she believes gay people should have the freedom to marry in new advert

Pro-gay marriage ad airs in US during Olympic ceremony
28 July 2012

A pro-marriage equality advert began airing in the US last night (27 July) during the local airing of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

The advert features Republican senator Cheryl Pflug, who talks about gay couples she knows and the reason why they deserve to be able to marry.

In the video, Pflug says: ‘I know a number of gay and lesbian couples that have been together for 40 years. I saw in these couples love, commitment, a sharing of a life together: everything that makes for a good marriage.

‘Everybody wants to say this is the person that I love, and stand up and have a ceremony with their family and friends.

‘As a Republican, I believe in freedom, and that includes the freedom to marry the person you love.’

Sponsored by the Seattle-based Pride Foundation, Pflug provided one of the key votes in voting for the same-sex marriage bill Referendum 74 in Washington. However due to a petition created by anti-gay marriage groups, the bill will go to the ballot box.

Washington, Maine, Maryland and Minnesota will be voting on marriage equality soon, with the vote planned in Washington for 6 November.

Kris Hermanns, executive director for the Pride Foundation, told the News Tribune the ad is part of a broader educational campaign.

Hermanns said: ‘This advertisement reflects the fundamental values of Washington State – where all families are treated with respect and dignity under the law – and that is why it will be so powerful.’

To advertise during the Olympics, Hermanns said it was likely going to be a ‘six figure buy’.

Pflug said she had made her mind up about gay marriage in 2007. She said: ‘One of the things I love about Americans is our ability to look at ourselves and ask, are we doing all we can? Can we do better and grow?’

She added: ‘It’s not like we get paid a lot. It has more to do with the luxury of doing what you think is right.’

Check out the advert here:



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