Promoter optimistic Lady Gaga Indonesia gig will go ahead

Police have refused permit for concert following threats from Islamic groups

Promoter optimistic Lady Gaga Indonesia gig will go ahead
17 May 2012

Following news Indonesian national police refused a permit for a Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta, the tour’s promoter has said the ‘process is still ongoing’.

Indonesian Islamic groups voiced concern about the concert, that is scheduled for 3 June, going ahead and the police said they had been threatened with mass demonstrations by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

More than 30,000 of the 40,000 tickets available for the concert have been sold, but despite news that the police have refused a permit for the concert the promoters sounded optimistic the concert will go ahead.

‘Our permit application process is still ongoing and we will update again as new developments occur,’ Michael Rusli, president director of Big Daddy Productions, promoters of Gaga’s Born This Way tour, told the Jakarta Globe yesterday. ‘We have received a lot of input and comments – both positive and negative – from different parts of the public.’

Liberal Indonesian politicians criticised the decision to cancel the concert.

‘Whether someone goes to hell or heaven doesn’t depend on whether they watch concerts or not,’ said the Democratic Party’s Nova Riyanti Yusuf.

Meanwhile Ahmed Basarah of the House of Representatives’ legal affairs commission said that if the concert was cancelled because Indonesian culture was in danger of being influences by western ideology, cultural influence from the Middle East should be restricted too.

‘The government shouldn’t discriminate when upholding the law,’ Basarah said ‘If they dare to cancel shows that push a liberal-capitalistic ideology like Lady Gaga, then they should also take firm action against demonstrations pushing ideologies from the Middle East.’

If it goes ahead, the concert will be the first time Lady Gaga has performed in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

A Twitter feed for Indonesian Lady Gaga fans (@GaGaDaily_Indo) said yesterday: ‘we are still optimistic that she will concert here’.



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