Prop 8 play comes to Australia

Powerful marriage equality courtroom drama performed in Melbourne and Sydney in June

Prop 8 play comes to Australia
03 May 2012

A courtroom drama about the legal battle to overturn Proposition 8 that re-banned gay marriage in California in 2008 is coming to Australia.

The play, 8, written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, was performed in Los Angeles in March starring a host of Hollywood actors: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jane Lynch, Jamie Lee Curtis, John C Reilly, Martin Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Chris Colfer and Matthew Morrison.

The Australian version, in Melbourne on 8 June and Sydney on 9 June, will coincide with the announcement of the findings of the senate inquiry into marriage equality. It will star comedian Shane Jacobsen, TV actor Lisa McCune, ex-Neighbours star Daniel MacPherson and theatre actor Spencer McLaren.

Producer Kate Whitbread said: 'We felt compelled to bring 8 to the Australian staff after experiencing the LA reading. It is remarkable how universal the issue is and how we all need to stand together for what is right.'

Black, who won an Oscar for his original screenplay for Milk, a biopic about San Francisco gay rights activist Harvey Milk, said: 'The goal of 8 is to show the world that marriage equality is a basic constitutional right'.

Tickets for the staged reading will be available from the 7 May from here. All profits will go to Australian Marriage Equality (AME). 'We only have a few months to change the minds of about 30 undecided MPs,' said AME's Alex Greenwich. 'The awareness and funds raised by this event will be vital to achieving marriage equality.'

Watch the Los Angeles performance here.



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