Protestors launch global fight against Nigeria’s anti-gay laws

Nigeria Global Day of Action will see 14 cities protest against draconian new gay laws

Protestors launch global fight against Nigeria’s anti-gay laws
07 March 2014

Protestors around the world are uniting today (7 March) against Nigeria’s new laws further criminalizing LGBTI people.

Signed in January, the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill was signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan, punishing homosexuals with 14 years jail.

The protestors want international celebrities to boycott Nigeria until the law is overturned. They want the World Bank, the United Nations, UNAIDS, and the European Union to talk to the Nigerian government about revoking the law. And they want world leaders to raise it when they speak to the Nigerian government.

Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian LGBTI activist and organizer of the Nigeria Global Day of Action, said: ‘Today, the Nigerian LGBT community and their friends and families live in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.

‘Since the signing of the Nigerian law, a number of people have been arrested in Nigeria, especially in the north of the country.

‘In the state of Bauchi alone, more than a dozen people have been arrested under the law and arraigned in court. In at least one instance, mobs have threatened and pelted a courthouse with stones, after being unable to inflict violence on the accused persons.

‘In the south of the country, mob violence against LGBT people has increased too.’

Global Day of Action rallies will be held in cities around the world, often outside the Nigerian embassy.

Cities participating are Amsterdam, Brussels, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, London, New Delhi, New York City, Oslo, Stockholm, Vancouver, Washington DC.

The alliance organizing the day and coordinating the fight-back against the law is also asking people to sign this petition telling the Nigerian authorities to stop the persecution of LGBTI people and protect them from mob justice.



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