Pundit compares gay people to cannibals

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association says Conservatives should 'reclaim discrimination'

Pundit compares gay people to cannibals
05 June 2012

A prominent right-wing American pundit has compared gay people to cannibals, and says Conservatives should ‘reclaim discrimination’.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association told his audience at his talk radio show Focal Point that ‘it is altogether right to discriminate against homosexual behavior.’

The blog Right Wing Watch noted these sentiments correlated with a column Fischer wrote last week, in which he compared gays to people who ‘eat the faces off homeless people’.

He said: ‘Public policy is about discriminating against behaviors that are socially destructive and corrosive to the social fabric.

‘So, we rightly discriminate against people who rip off convenience stores, burgle houses, drive while drunk, eat the faces off homeless people, gun down servicemen on military bases, embezzle funds from employers or clients, or beat their wives.’

On his talk show he agreed with the sentiment that the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) discriminates against gay couples.

He said: ‘We are discriminating against you, and yes, that’s exactly what DOMA does, and it should. And it’s all together right DOMA discriminates against homosexual behavior because it is not a benign alternative to heterosexuality. ‘

He added: ‘It is not behavior that ought to be endorsed, promoted, sanctioned, funded, subsidised, or protected in law by any rational society.’

Fischer is well known as an advocate for the criminalisation of homosexuality in America.

In 2010, the Southern Law Poverty Center designated the American Family Association as a hate group, saying the AFA’s ‘propagation of known falsehoods and demonizing propaganda’ was responsible.  



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