Pundit: Game of Thrones proves gay rights will lead to incest

Anti-gay group head warns the acceptance of homosexuality is a ‘slippery slope’ towards ‘sexual anarchy’

Pundit: Game of Thrones proves gay rights will lead to incest
25 July 2014

You might just be thinking you were watching a show about dragons and a lot of murder, but it turns out Game of Thrones is apparently proving gay rights will lead to incest.

Michael Brown, the head of Coalition of Conscience and a well-known conservative pundit, has warned the acceptance of homosexuality is a ‘slippery slope’ towards ‘sexual anarchy’.

In an article published on World Net Daily, he said: ‘Gay activists constantly tell us that there’s no such thing as a slippery moral slope and that the acceptance of homosexuality will not lead to the acceptance of other sexual practices, such as incest.

‘The facts prove otherwise, and it is clear that we are rapidly sliding down the very slope whose existence they deny.’

‘With increasing frequency and openness, the media are now promoting and even celebrating incest,’ Brown continues.

‘The popular HBO series Game of Thrones’ also features an adult, brother-sister sexual relationship.’

Brown has previously compared homosexuality to pedophiia, bestiality and ‘sexual stimulated by faeces’.

He has also defended Uganda’s homophobic law as necessary to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS.

While Game of Thrones may feature a brother-sister relationship, gay scenes in the show have been relatively rare. Hre’s one from the show (NSFW):



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