Qatari man jailed over gay love triangle murder in Australia

A Qatari national has been sentenced to at least 15 years in jail in Perth, Australia, after being found guilty of murdering his partner’s lover

Qatari man jailed over gay love triangle murder in Australia
02 February 2013

A 39 year old Qatari man has been jailed in Perth, Australia, after he murdered the long term partner of a man he was in a love triangle with.

Mohammed Ahmed Almansouri was convicted of murdering Kenny Horack in August of 2011 after tensions surrounding their shared lover Ben Campbell resulted in Almansouri stabbing Horack 14 times in a home the three men shared on and off.

Horack had been in a relationship for 17 years with Campbell before his death but Campbell had more recently begun a side relationship with Almansouri with Horack’s knowledge – but Almansouri and Horack did not get along.

Prior to his death Horack had taunted Almansouri online and removed a photograph of Almansouri and Campbell from a frame in their home and replaced it with one of himself and Campbell.

Almansouri was supposed to have left Perth before Horack, a Texan, was to return but changed his flight plans after being taunted by Horack on Facebook.

On the afternoon of his death Horack had told Almansouri that he was only Campbell’s ‘houseboy,’ after which Almansouri produced a knife and killed him.

‘His words and actions enraged you, and you attacked Mr Horack with a knife you bought earlier,’ Supreme Court of Western Australia judge Lindy Jenkins told the court.

‘All three of [you] should have known better. Those [taunts] would be minor to someone else, but in [your] jealous state they were like red rags to bulls

‘Your murderous intention was short-lived and soon after this attack you regretted your actions … But whatever he did, it did not justify in any way your attack on him.’

Campbell has continued his relationship with Almansouri since the attack and used his victim’s statement to plead for the court to show clemency in sentencing him.

Almansouri will be deported from Australia once he is released on completing his sentence.



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