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Queer Nation New York uses Coca-Cola ad to protest Sochi Games

Video contrasts soda company's commercial of love and the realities of LGBTI life in Russia
Two unnamed people holding up a rainbow colored banner in Moscow's Red Square

Queer Nation New York continues to push against companies sponsoring the upcoming Sochi Games.

The activist group took on a  Coca-Cola commercial from the 1970's and spliced the song, I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, with clips of anti-gay violence in Russia.

'The Real Thing for Russia's LGBT community includes brutal violence, complete oppression of the basic human right to speech, assembly and expression,' Queer Nation wrote on its YouTube page. 'Coke cares only about their Sochi profits.'

The video is part of the group's Twitter campaign, #CheersToSochi, calling attention to McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Visa. All three are sponsors of next month's Winter Olympics.

Next month's Sochi Games have faced intense criticism from LGBT activists, and prominent straight allies, since 2013 June when President Vladimir Putin signed the 'gay propaganda' bill.

Below is the Queer Nation video:


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