Rachel Maddow says she suffers from ‘cyclical depression’

Lesbian MSNBC host has been dealing with condition since the age of 12

Rachel Maddow says she suffers from ‘cyclical depression’
05 July 2012

Rachel Maddow may be the energetic face of the MSNBC cable news channel, but the lesbian television personality has suffered from bouts of depression since before she was a teenager.

‘One of the manifestations of depression for me is that I lose my will,’ Maddow tells Rolling Stone. ‘And I thereby lose my ability to focus.’

Host of The Rachel Maddow Show since 2008, Maddow manages to get through her daily show on MSNBC no matter what. But when she is not feeling depressed, it is so much easier.

She says in the Rolling Stone piece: ‘If I’m not depressed and I’m on and I can focus and I can think through something hard and without interruption and without existential emptiness that comes from depression, that gives me – not mania. But I exalt. I exalt in not being depressed.’

This isn’t the first time she has discussed her ongoing personal battle. Earlier this year, she talked about her situation with NPR’s Terry Gross which she said  ‘is part of the everyday way that I live and have lived for as long as I can remember.’

‘When you are depressed, it’s like the rest of the world is the mother ship, and you’re out there on a little pod and your line gets cut and you don’t connect with anything,’ she said. ‘You sort of disappear.’



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