Radio host challenge to ‘turn hot lesbians’ backfires

WNCI host Jimmy Jam said he wanted to 'turn' Gigi Chao, the lesbian whose father offered HK$500,000 to the man who could change her sexuality

Radio host challenge to ‘turn hot lesbians’ backfires
28 September 2012

A radio host has apologized after promising to ‘turn’ any ‘hot lesbians’ willing to go on a date with him.

WNCI Morning Zoo host Jimmy Jam, whose show is nationally-syndicated in the United States, shocked the local population of Columbus, Ohio.

Restaurant owner Elizabeth Lessner spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, saying: ‘WNCI’s Morning Show is hosting a contest to see if one of the morning guys can "change" a hot lesbian if he dates her.

‘I wish I was kidding.’

Michael McCoy, operations manager of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment-Columbus, told Jezebel the bit was a reference to the Hong Kong lesbian Gigi Chao whose father promised to give HK$500,000 to the man that could change her sexuality.

‘How many times have you watched a TV show or a movie that started with a theme or action you might have found objectionable, then end with a lesson for all of us,’ he said. ‘The joke in this bitt is not on the lesbian or the GBLT community, it’s on Jimmy.’

But the angry local resident said Jam has a history of being sexist and homophobic, and the comment clearly came off as a competition, not satire.

She said: ‘He clearly said something like, “let Jimmy turn you straight by going on a date”, and said you had to be a “hot lesbian” to participate.’

Jam read an apology on air after the angry comments, saying what he had done was ‘thoughtless’.

Chao, whose news story from Hong Kong went viral, is now receiving a deluge of offers from straight men who think they can win the millions.

Thankfully though, some male admirers have provided some support. One Twitter user said: ‘Yes, because a man marrying your daughter for money is better than the woman who married her for love.’



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