Raped and persecuted lesbian faces deportation from UK to Uganda

Gay Asylum UK says Ugandan Prossie N was sexually abused by her uncle from childhood and forced onto the streets when people discovered she is a lesbian

Raped and persecuted lesbian faces deportation from UK to Uganda
09 December 2013

The UK has set a date to deport a lesbian asylum seeker back to Uganda – the country she fled after years of sexual abuse and persecution.

Prossie N previously resisted deportation guards so strongly the Ethiopian Airlines pilot of the flight she was put on from Britain to Uganda refused to take her.

But now the UK Border Agency is trying to deport her again on a Kenya Airways flight leaving the country on 12 December and taking her to Uganda via the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Gay Asylum UK, supporting Prossie N, said: ‘She is 20 years old and was a victim of sexual abuse and rape by her uncle from the age of eight (her parents died when she was young).

‘She was taken out of school at 13 and after her sexuality was exposed when she was 15 she was moving about and living on the streets for much of the time.’

She had a secret relationship with a married woman who got her a passport and an agent to take her to Britain in September 2010.

Since she arrived in the UK she has had several lesbian relationships.

But she was arrested when the UK Border Agency raided the house she was living in on 21 July this year. They put her in Yarl’s Wood – a center for immigrants facing removal from the country.

Gay Asylum UK adds: ‘Prossie faces certain persecution and the likelihood of imprisonment and torture if she is returned to Uganda. There is no family she can turn to for support or protection.

‘Prossie’s deportation must be cancelled, she must be released from Yarl’s Wood and granted asylum.’

Her surname has been withheld to protect her identity.

Gay Asylum UK and Movement for Justice are calling for people to ask Kenya Airways to cancel her ticket and appeal to UK Home Secretary Teresa May to cancel her deportation. You can find full details on how to help Prossie N here.



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