Rapper Bow Wow has Twitter drama over picture of two cuddling men

Alleged Twitter picture of rapper/actor Bow Wow spooning another man is actually a photo of another couple

Rapper Bow Wow has Twitter drama over picture of two cuddling men
26 August 2012

For the past few days US rapper Bow Wow has been the center of a social media firestorm over a picture that is not his.

A few days ago, on the rapper/actor’s Twitter feed, a photo appeared that seemed to be him spooning another man.

‘Me [and] my dude,’ was written under the snapshot.

As reported by the entertainment/news site Gawker, the picture was uploaded to the performer’s account by another Twitter user named TheOnlySeven. Initially Bow Wow went to Twitter and offered $2,500 for someone to ‘slap’ TheOnlySeven (who lives in the US  Midwestern city of Detroit).

The threatening tweets were scrubbed away, but another user, claiming to be TheOnlySeven, started to hint at possible blackmail if no record deal was offered; the singer’s account was allegedly hacked. The original TheOnlySeven denied any hacking, and charged the entertainer’s public relations team was doing damage control over the threatening tweets.

On the night of 24 August, Bow Wow’s Twitter account was deleted

As for the photograph that began the entire drama, the snuggling couple have publicly spoken. The website StraightfromtheA was contacted by one of the men  after his friends informed him of the hullabaloo. The couple don’t know any of the parties involved.

‘As to how [TheOnlySeven] guy, or whatever his Twitter name is, found it [the photo] I have no clue,’ a young man named Preston E wrote to StraightfromtheA .’But to be honest the picture has absolutely nothing to do with Bow Wow. If you go on my Twitter, and look at the images posted section, you’ll be able to see when the picture was actually posted up.’

What makes this story even more complicated, or weirder,  is the performer does not resemble Preston E. or his partner.



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