Rashida Jones to John Travolta: ‘Come out!’

Parks & Recreation star wonders: 'How many masseurs have to come forward?'

Rashida Jones to John Travolta: ‘Come out!’
13 August 2012

Rashida Jones is busy doing interviews to promote her new romantic comedy Jesse & Celeste Forever. But it’s her remarks about John Travolta that has people buzzing.

In an interview with SpinningPlatters.com, the conversation veered away from the movie and over to the importance of closeted gay movie stars coming out.

Jones, one of the stars of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, has some opinions:

‘A movie star. Like, John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let’s do this!’

Travolta, the star of such films as Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Urban Cowboy and Pulp Fiction, has faced a series of sexual harassment-related allegations this year – two from male masseurs and one from a former cruise ship employee. The actor’s lawyer has denied all allegations.

Jones went on to weigh in on other male celebrities who have come out and lamented that none of them are A-list leading men:

‘Let’s be honest: Anderson Cooper is a TV personality. Like Neil Patrick Harris – okay, yes, it’s great that he came out, but (A) these are both men who have lived in the gay community for a long time and I think everyone suspected, and (B) there’s something about these iconic stars, people who are almost godlike.’

She adds: ‘With someone like Frank Ocean, yes, it’s fantastic that he did what he did, and his letter was so beautiful, and he’s in such close proximity to all these rappers. So he’s battling homophobia just by being honest. But big stars need to come out. Ricky Martin was huge. That was big. I was really happy about that.’



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