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Real life Sleeping Beauty woken up by lesbian kiss

In an art installation by Ukrainian artist Taras Polataiko, girls must marry their Prince or Princess Charming
A real life Sleeping Beauty was woken up by a lesbian kiss in an Ukrainian art exhibition.

A woman taking part in a real life ‘Sleeping Beauty’ art installation was woken up by a lesbian kiss.

Five young, attractive women have been taking it in turns to sleep for three days in the National Art Museum in Kiev, Ukraine.

The women signed a contract pledging to marry the person who wakes them from their slumber, according to the Associated Foreign Press.

When participant Yana Gurzhiy felt a soft kiss on the forehead, she was surprised to find she had opened her eyes to her Princess Charming.

The 24-year-old, who usually works as a translator, said: ‘I was astonished when I opened my eyes and saw a girl.’

Unfortunately for the exhibition, it is illegal for two women in Ukraine to marry each other.

But Gurzhiy is adamant their non-traditional meeting was for a reason.

She said: ‘I believe it is not a coincidence we had to meet this way.

‘She’s a very interesting person, so I hope we’ll have some kind of professional and creative partnership.’

The Sleeping Beauty project is the brainchild of Ukrainian-born artist Taras Polataiko, who is currently based in Canada.

Polataiko said: ‘The idea behind the project is patience.

‘Our people can be patient for a long time. When Beauty is sleeping, the entire kingdom is sleeping. If the kingdom is to be woken, the Beauty must be woken.’

He added: ‘All the five girls I’ve chosen are gorgeous, smart and waiting for a true love.

‘We have three or four visitors every day willing to awake the Sleeping Beauty, both men and women.

‘This isn’t a marriage agency. It’s magic, it’s a fairy tale. No one knows how it will end.’

But for those hoping for a happy ending of their own will have to wait a little longer, as the exhibition closed on Sunday (9 September).

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