Real life Sleeping Beauty woken up by lesbian kiss

In an art installation by Ukrainian artist Taras Polataiko, girls must marry their Prince or Princess Charming

Real life Sleeping Beauty woken up by lesbian kiss
13 September 2012

A woman taking part in a real life ‘Sleeping Beauty’ art installation was woken up by a lesbian kiss.

Five young, attractive women have been taking it in turns to sleep for three days in the National Art Museum in Kiev, Ukraine.

The women signed a contract pledging to marry the person who wakes them from their slumber, according to the Associated Foreign Press.

When participant Yana Gurzhiy felt a soft kiss on the forehead, she was surprised to find she had opened her eyes to her Princess Charming.

The 24-year-old, who usually works as a translator, said: ‘I was astonished when I opened my eyes and saw a girl.’

Unfortunately for the exhibition, it is illegal for two women in Ukraine to marry each other.

But Gurzhiy is adamant their non-traditional meeting was for a reason.

She said: ‘I believe it is not a coincidence we had to meet this way.

‘She’s a very interesting person, so I hope we’ll have some kind of professional and creative partnership.’

The Sleeping Beauty project is the brainchild of Ukrainian-born artist Taras Polataiko, who is currently based in Canada.

Polataiko said: ‘The idea behind the project is patience.

‘Our people can be patient for a long time. When Beauty is sleeping, the entire kingdom is sleeping. If the kingdom is to be woken, the Beauty must be woken.’

He added: ‘All the five girls I’ve chosen are gorgeous, smart and waiting for a true love.

‘We have three or four visitors every day willing to awake the Sleeping Beauty, both men and women.

‘This isn’t a marriage agency. It’s magic, it’s a fairy tale. No one knows how it will end.’

But for those hoping for a happy ending of their own will have to wait a little longer, as the exhibition closed on Sunday (9 September).



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