Rejected X Factor contestant Don Philip says: ‘They edited the gay out of me’

Britney Spears' former duet partner says the omission sends wrong message

Rejected X Factor contestant Don Philip says: ‘They edited the gay out of me’
14 September 2012

Viewers of Fox’s X Factor saw an emotional Don Philip break down this week after his disastrous audition in front of former duet partner Britney Spears and millions of television viewers.

But his post-performance anguish may have made more sense to viewers if Fox had not edited out the part of his audition where Philip tearfully said to Spears that at the time they worked together ‘I didn’t think you thought it was okay that I am gay.’

Philip is now expressing his disappointment in Fox not airing that portion of his appearance.

‘They edited the gay out of me,’ Philips tells ‘They already outed me to the world. Is Gay bad for Fox?’

He says cutting his out his coming out to Spears and the rest of the world ‘is sending the wrong message. It’s like gay is being censored.’

Fox says in a statement: “While we understand his decision to discuss his personal life, Mr. Philips’ sexual orientation was not something that any of the judges or producers felt was relevant to this audition.”

On the show, Philip performed Halo whose voice had grown quite raspy since he and Spears dueted on the song I Will Still Love You which appeared on Spears’ 1999 album Baby One More Time.


All four judges, including Spears and Simon Cowell, voted against him with Spears saying ‘your voice really isn’t up to the bar of the standards of The X Factor and what we want.’

‘I’m sorry they didn’t think it was up to the X Factor standard as Britney says,’ he says.



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