Renowned black lesbian feminist joins LGBT History Month debate

Linda Bellos to debate impact of science on LGBT rights at Bletchley House

Renowned black lesbian feminist joins LGBT History Month debate
01 November 2012

Linda Bellos, a black lesbian renowned for her outspoken feminist views, will speak at Bletchley Park as part of LGBT History Month’s pre-event in November.

Bellos’ appearance forms part of a debate called ‘This House Believes That Science Has Been the Enemy of the LGBT Community’. On her opposing side will be Annika Joy of London’s Science Museum.

Debate organizer and LGBT History Month co-chair Tony Fenwick, said: ‘I am very excited about this debate. As far as I know nothing like this has happened before in the UK.’

As part of the ‘Looney Left’ movement in the 1980s, Bellos is an LGBT history expert and was awarded an OBE in 2006 for her work on diversity.

In 1985 Bellos was elected as a Labour councillor to Lambeth Council and was leader of the council between 1986 and 1988. She was the second black woman to become leader of a British local authority.

February 2013 will be the ninth annual LGBT History Month and next year will see the inclusion of key LGBT figures involved in science, engineering and mathematics.

Tickets to the debate, taking place on the afternoon of November 15, are free and available here.



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