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Republican moves bill to stop US government recognizing gay married couples when they move states

Texan Republican Representative Randy Weber has introduced legislation which would effectively divorce same-sex married couples in the eyes of the US Government if they moved to a state that bans gay marriage
Rep. Randy Weber
Photo by United States Congress

Texan Republican congressman Randy Weber has drafted what he calls a ‘State Marriage Defense Act’ that would ensure the US Government stops recognizing the marriages of legally married same-sex couples as soon as they move to a state that bans gay marriage.

Weber claims denying Federal Government benefits to same-sex married couples who move states is a states rights issue.

‘The 10th Amendment was established to protect state sovereignty and individual rights from being seized by the Federal Government,’ Weber said in a statement posted to his House of Representatives website.

‘For too long, however, the Federal Government has slowly been eroding state’s rights by promulgating rules and regulations through federal agencies.’

‘I drafted the “State Marriage Defense Act of 2014” to help restore the 10th Amendment, affirm the authority of states to define and regulate marriage, as well as, provide clarity to federal agencies seeking to determine who qualifies as a spouse for the purpose of federal law. By requiring that the Federal Government defer to the laws of a person’s state of legal residence in determining marital status, we can protect states’ constitutionally established powers from the arbitrary overreach of unelected bureaucrats.'

More than 1 in 10 of the 233 Republicans in the US House of Representatives have co-sponsored the bill.

Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives but the bill would most likely be blocked in the Democrat majority Senate.

Weber’s bill has been endorsed by groups including the Family Research Council, the National Organization for Marriage, the US Conference on Catholic Bishops and Concerned Women for America.

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