Republican pundit Meghan McCain joins GLAAD board of directors

Her father, US Senator John McCain, has been staunchly opposed to gay marriage and allowing gays to serve openly in the military

Republican pundit Meghan McCain joins GLAAD board of directors
02 June 2014

Meghan McCain continues to prove that when it comes to LGBTI equality, the apple does fall very far from the tree.

The daughter of US Senator John McCain, an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military, has joined the board of directors of GLAAD.

The media monitoring organization, which promotes the image of LGBT people in the media, said in a statement today that ‘equality is no longer a partisan issue.’

‘For years, Meghan McCain has lent her voice and platform to spreading messages of acceptance across party lines,’ said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

‘Now, as the American south and our heartland move closer to LGBT equality, it’s critical that we continue to build the bridges that unite us in our common ground – whether you’re republican or democrat, gay or straight.’

Like her father, McCain is a Republican but she has broken from party ranks on social issues.

Last year, she launched the docu-talk series Raising McCain on Pivot, a television network aimed at the Millennial generation.

She will also be co-hosting a late night live news program called TakePart Live’on Pivot on the news stories of the day.

McCain has twice posed for the NOH8 Campaign and in January 2012 she blasted then-Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum for his strong anti-gay marriage rherotic.

A day after Santorum was booed by college students in New Hampshire for comparing gay marriage to polygamy, McCain discussed a 2003 interview in which he linked homosexuality and ‘man on dog’ sex.

‘There’s a difference between being against marriage equality and then equating same-sex marriage to bestiality,’ she said then. ‘I mean it’s so dated and it’s so gross.’

Discussing gay marriage with Playboy, McCain said: ‘Who people want to sleep with and who they want to love should not have anything to do with government politics at all.’



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