Revelers gear up for 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras

Kylie Minogue, theme park and fair scheduled for 3 week LGBTQI festival

Revelers gear up for 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras
01 February 2012

The 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras kicks off in just 10 days time and the festival looks set to be one of the best yet!

The event will begin on 12 February with a special Fair Day to celebrate the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex members of the Australian community.

Held in Victoria Park, Camperdown the free event will have live entertainment, a boys versus girls tug-of-war and even a Doggywood pet pageant.

Fair Day attendees can also relax in the Gaydar Lounge or Finlandia Bar where they can pick up a cocktail and cool off from the Australian heat.

Other outdoor events will include a BBQ with local gay and lesbian life savers on Tamarama Beach and the Mardi Gras Drag Races on Bondi Beach. Spectators can watch a selection of Sydney's top drag kings and queens competing in events such as the Dainty Dune Dash and the Handbag Discus.

The legendary Sydney Mardi Gras Parade goes without mentioning. Each year more than 9,000 people make their way to Oxford Street to watch the colourful march of LGBTQI pride.

Sydney Mardi Gras doesn't end with the Parade – part goers can then make their way to the closing party in Mardigrasland, a theme park spanning across five venues in the Entertainment Quarter.

Each venue in Mardigrasland will have its own unique theme and resident DJs.

Candyworld, at the Royal Hall of Industries, will play host to drag queen 'supermodel to the world' RuPaul while Oz, at the Horden Pavilion will have performances from Chicane and Sneaky Sound System.

DJ Lady Miss Kier from Groove Is In The Heart hit-makers Deee-Lite will be DJing in the T.G.I Retro section at the Hi-Fi while Shangri-La will be home DJ Kelly Lynch and the Bachelorette of the Year competition.

Meanwhile, in 'the bent underbelly of Mardigrasland' party-goers can dance the night away in The Backlot to the tunes of Andy Butler and electro-pop band MEN.

Kylie Minogue will also be appearing at the 2012 festival to celebrate her quarter century career in pop music while the Jamberoo Action Park will be holding its own gay day.

Up to 300,000 spectators from Australia and abroad visited the Sydney Mardi Gras in 2011.



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