Rick Santorum’s extreme anti-gay views inspire humor

Bill Maher jokes that politician 'thinks about gay sex more than any gay man in America.'

Rick Santorum’s extreme anti-gay views inspire humor
13 January 2012

As Rick Santorum campaigns in South Carolina in advance of next week's Republican presidential primary in that state, the candidate's extreme anti-gay views are generating comedy material.

Comedian Bill Maher appeared on the E! Entertainment show Chelsea Lately on Thursday (12 January) to plug his latest book called The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass.

He was asked by host Chelsea Handler to comment on the crop of Republican candidates and he immediately focused on Santorum who Maher described as a 'guy who is obsessed with gay sex.'

'This guy thinks about gay sex more than any gay man in America,' he added. 'There's a guy down in West Hollywood working down at Dorothy's and Dildos who does not think about gay sex as much as Rick Santorum.'

He also added this dig: 'He wears a sweater vest everywhere which is proof that he does not have one gay friend.'

Santorum is adamantly against gay marriage which he has compared with polygamy. He would want a federal ban on such marriages which would also void even the same-sex unions  that have already taken place in states where they are legal.

Meanwhile, a YouTube parody posted this week incorporates video of Santorum sharing his views against gays serving in the military with footage of the late actress Joan Crawford that makes it appear as though Mommie Dearest is repeatedly slapping the politician in the face.

Below is the YouTube video as well as footage of Maher's appearance on Chelsea Lately.



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