Ricky Martin celebrates legalization of same-sex marriage in New Zealand

Pop singer Ricky Martin has celebrated the legalization of same-sex marriage in New Zealand and says it is now inevitable that Australia, where he is currently staying, will follow suit

Ricky Martin celebrates legalization of same-sex marriage in New Zealand
28 April 2013

Openly gay pop star Ricky Martin has taken to Twitter to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage in New Zealand and says that marriage equality in Australia is inevitable.

Martin is in Australia to star as one of the celebrity coaches on the Australian version of The Voice and used his Twitter account to post a YouTube video of the aftermath of the passing of New Zealand’s same-sex marriage bill in which MPs burst into applause and then rose to sing a traditional Maori love song.

‘In Puerto Rico we will do the same but with pleneras,’ Martin tweeted with a link to the video, ‘[same-sex] marriage approved in New Zealand.’

Pleneras are a drum used in traditional Puerto Rican music.

Martin later told a News Limited reporter that after seeing the video he had to share it.

‘I had to tweet about that because love prevailed,’ he told the reporter, ‘Love conquers all.’

Martin said that it was inevitable that Australia would legalize same-sex marriage and that if he was not in the country when it did he would fly back to celebrate.

In 10 years from now hopefully we’ll be laughing about the fact we are talking about this. Justice for all is inevitable.”

‘We are beings of love and unfortunately, because of different codes the church has given us, we started saying that the way you feel is not right, it makes you evil. But look what’s happening in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, France as of this week, New Zealand … come on [Australia]!’

‘It will happen in Australia and I don’t care where I am, I’m going to hop on a plane, go with you guys and celebrate.’

Martin said marriage equality was, ‘not about faith, it’s not about religion, it’s about human rights. It’s about me having the opportunity to look my sons in the eye and say ‘this is my husband and this is our family.’ It’s about self esteem, it’s about dignity, it’s about respect.’

The YouTube video he tweeted has been watched by over 1.3 million people.

While Martin has been staying in Australia to film The Voice he has also been traveling around the country with his partner Carlos Gonzales Abella and their twin sons while promoting a special Souvenir edition of his Greatest Hits album.

Earlier this year Martin lamented his country’s Supreme Court ruling against same-sex couples being allowed to adopt their partners’ children.



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